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"Reverse osmosis is a very specialized process, so we were looking for a partner that would be here today and tomorrow, especially given all of the mergers and acquisitions in this field. Harn’s past clients were so overwhelmingly complimentary about the entire company’s commitment to its projects from start to finish and beyond that we knew we would get what we really needed."
Kelley Ferda
South Island Public Service District (SIPSD)
Hilton Head, SC

Welcome to Harn R/O

Founded in 1972, we didn’t get where we are today by giving Owners only what they believed they wanted.
We deliver what you need, based on our unparalleled experience in designing, building, installing and servicing the best reverse osmosis systems in the industry.
Trust Harn to deliver the highest quality reverse osmosis system for your specific needs. Just ask our very first customer. The’re still working with us.

    Jim Harn

Upcoming Seminars:
January 22-25,2013
February 5-7,2013
August 20-22,2013
October 8-11,2013

Harn R/O Hosting R/O Training Seminar In Conjuction With David H. Paul, Click Here for Details